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Frequently Asked Questions

Though the design process can seem a little daunting, I’m here to help you not only understand it but feel comfortable with it. Here are some questions that I’m often asked, but if there’s anything on the website that you’re unsure about, feel free to get in touch through my contact form.


An Interior Designer has the ability and skills to take your personal interests, tastes and needs and turn them into a stunning room or rooms that suit your every need. Interior designer takes all of the important things in your life and puts them out on display, for you and your loved ones. It is a very personal profession and something that I take very seriously.

The other reason is the peace of mind because when you invest thousands of pounds into the pieces of furniture and accessories the last thing you want is to realise that it's not quite working as you thought it would. More importantly, you avoid making major planning mistakes that will end up costing you more money, time and frustration in the end.

An Interior Designer’s job is to make sure that none of this will happen and to fulfil your design expectations beyond your imagination, while dramatically reducing your stress levels and saving you time.

In fact, hiring an Interior Designer is the best investment you could make when it comes to your home.


This is something that will be different for each project so there is no one answer for it. The amount of time it will take usually depends on the scale and complexity of an individual project as well as the type of services that your project will require. This is why we tailor our design packages to each project, making sure that you only use the services you need. My focus is on producing the best quality design for you as well as fitting in to an individually agreed time frame. However, the Initial Consultation will usually take between 1.5 and 2 hours.


Using my experience, I can design whatever you might desire for your living space. Whether it is traditional, contemporary, or urban and eclectic I am more than happy to discuss your arrangements with you and how my expertise can create the finest environment for you.

Not sure your style is? Not to worry, that's is what I am here for.

Our clients often find it difficult to describe their style as the choice of designs are so extensive. But do you know what clients usually find even more difficult? Making their style work with their partner’s. My mission is to make sure that everyone gets to live in their dream home in perfect harmony.


I will work with clients across the South East, Home Counties and London. This means that I can travel to you easily and discuss your requirements, visit your home and see the space that I will be designing for you. However, I am willing to work with clients overseas and would be more than happy to discuss any arrangements with you over the phone before meeting. If you would like to contact me, then please phone me on 07868 937126.


After speaking with you and arranging an appointment, I will come to your home for the Initial Consultation (the Design Brief), which will take between 1,5 and 2 hours of your time and include: a small tour around your house, conversation about you and your Project as well as, in some cases, me taking the survey notes of the space. I will then return to my office and produce a Design Package Proposal which will explain the scope of work required for your space as well as our fees and arrangements. 

If everything is to your satisfaction, then I will move on to the Design Analysis, Sourcing and Presentation. This means that I will gather ideas, colours and textures as well as drawings and photographs of furniture and fixtures and present the final design to you for approval.

Additionally, you may like me to fully manage the project as well as purchase furniture, decorations and accessories for you, which I will do during the Implementation and Purchasing stage.


My operating hours are from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm. If you have any queries it would be best to get in touch with me through my contact form on the site and I will get back to you as soon as possible.